Friday, November 6, 2009

The ultimate in home investing

Whether purchasing a reproduction or an original antique chandelier you should anticipate on spending quite of bit of money. The reason antiques are so expensive is due to the fact that they are extremely hard to find and it take care of. While reproduction antiques are also expensive, they are not nearly as costly as the originals. This is because often times the pieces, or the entire piece, have been custom made to meet your needs and desires. No matter which you choose you need to remember that this is an investment and will forever change the way you look at your home.

Adjustments that will fit your style

You will be able to make varying adjustments with a reproduction chandelier that will fit your style and desires, whether the alterations are minor or extensive. You can choose the piece’s specifics, the grandeur, the color and even the finish. By making these alterations you are now able to foster your own period piece without having to sacrifice any of your set style. After all is said and done, no one will have a chandelier quite like you. While they may have a chandelier from the same period as you, they will not have the same finish or accents as the one you created, making it uniquely yours.

Reproduction chandeliers are more than just cost effective

Outside of the obvious fact that reproduction antiques are less expensive than originals, there are several advantages in choosing a reproduction instead of an original. True antique chandeliers do not have any guarantee that they will work and if something were to happen to one you would have a very hard time finding an original replacement piece for it, or even finding one that is similar. In contrast, reproduction pieces are much more adaptable and can be customized to the specific color, size and style that you are looking for. Reproductions often come in a variety of Venetian style bronzes, crystals, Murano glass and even Tiffany styles.

Crystal accented Chandeliers

Many antique and reproduction antique chandeliers display a generous portion of crystals which could possibly be made from cut glass, etched glass or possibly even genuine Swarovski crystal itself. Additionally, you may find an abundance of amber along with other tan and brown glass, primarily due to its popularity in several of the earlier centuries. While true antiques hold their own style and luxury not always do they fit the style you are attempting to create in your home. Reproduction antiques, at that point, turn out to be a more reasonable solution and have become increasingly popular for that reason.

Add style and history to your home with an Antique Chandelier

Whether you are looking to bring an entire period back to life in your home or you just want to add a bit of graceful sophistication nothing emulates either wish better than an antique chandelier. Even a reproduction of such can add the quality you are looking for. These marvelous chandeliers can aid you in capturing any period dating as far back as the first introduction of chandeliers in the 15th century and continuing through the 19th and 20th century when it was a high society fashion statement. During that time, it was a statement that gave away your status eloquently.